Basil Plants Distribution:

    Sri Sri Sri Pradbatan Sri Yogimukteshwari Mataji, the Supreme Chairperson of the Paramasamasanthanam, has said that all good fortune comes with the basil plant. Sri Sri Sri Pradbatan Sri Yogimukteshwari Mathaji distributed tulsi plants under the auspices of  Sri Sri Sri Paramapita Sri  Venkataramanacharya Guruvu Charitable Trust at the Village Secretariat at the Mandala Center on Tuesday. Tehsildar Mahabub Basha, MPDO Tejoshna, and MLA Ramanareddy were the chief guests at the event. On this occasion, Mataji said that the basil plant is very sacred, and worshiping this plant every day will bring longevity as well as prosperity and salvation and reforms. Every one among them is consuming tulsi tirtha Immunity is increased and peace of mind is achieved, he said. He said that those who worship the basil plant from sunrise to sunset will find the path to salvation and by donating such basil plants, they will attain the path of Guru and attain Nirvana.